The Start

I know I am an odd specimen. I am one of those people who will be open do doing anything anyone suggests in an instant. Yet, when I tell myself to do something, I have to think about it, assess it, analyze it, weigh pros and cons, find all the things that could go wrong, get convinced, and then rethink once more.
And that is how I never can decide where to sit in a cafe, where to eat, what to order, what to dedicate to a notebook, which subject to start studying for first, or how to arrange my schedule.

And once again, I have come to that situation. About a week back, I finally thought it was the moment. The moment to start blogging. I created a website. I wrote an introduction. I felt empowered. I felt like I was ready. But, I didn’t publish anything.
And then, it lay idle for a week.
I knew it was there, whispering out to me, but, how publishing it was out of the question. After all, I didn’t have more blog posts ready. I didn’t have it all planned out and ready to be read. I didn’t know what content I was going to add.
So, of course, why would I publish?

But, if I wasn’t ready, then what was I doing in the meantime to get myself ready? Well, writing more posts, of course. So, I have been writing daily. Just to tell myself that, yes, I am working on my ‘blog’

But you know, this is the last post planning about my future blog. This is going to be published.
So please, bear with me. I hope you are as excited as me, but not as nervous. This is just going to be put out there, with not much planning (although that is subjective, because of course, I have SOME idea. But to those who have everything in their lives in perfect order, this is going to be a mess). Basically, this site is going to be a link to me. What I do, what I think, where I spend my time, and what I create (both in words and pictures… and if i ever get comfortable enough on here – which does depend on YOU guys – then maybe some art, too). So if there are any mistakes, or everything isn’t as perfect as you think it should be, then, well, I’m sorry for disappointing you. I know the background pictures aren’t ready, the layout isn’t decided, the colors aren’t picked….But I have been waiting to get everything perfect for too long, and I don’t get anywhere. So I am just gonna start.
Also, I plan on being as honest as I can. Hence, sometimes I may not make sense. Because, whose raw, honest thoughts do make perfect sense anyways? Ok don’t answer that if you’re perfect. I also may not seem to be the nicest person. I’m sorry if I come across that way. Everything I write here is just an attempt at being raw and open.

So, I invite you to come, read, and empathize if you can. If you can’t, I invite you into my world. Hopefully you will find it interesting if it is completely different from yours. Else, I hope you can relate to it. That would be awesome, because that means we have something in common, which is so cool (I get excited about little things). But, please, don’t judge. If you disagree with something or have a comment, let me know. I’ll be open to it. But say it in a nice way 😉

So here we goooooo.
And I promise, this is the last of my ‘big moments’ where I finally start writing for any eye other than mine. I will start. This is going to be published.

Oh also, it is raining. I think that is a good omen.
(I am enjoying the wonderful Delhi monsoon weather sitting on the roof of a mall, sipping awesome South Indian filter coffee. Jealous? :p )


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