Looking out the window ‘productively’


On my morning drives, my ever-restless soul demands I be useful in some manner or the other, in order to ensure that I am in some manner proceeding towards self-actualization.

For some, a satisfying morning drive to work would consist of reading a book.

for others, maybe not ending up with a tangible result wouldn’t leave you content enough. Maybe you need to write, or learn something new, or finish designing a logo.

For me, I have to do something. Nothing satisfies me more than ending up with something I created, something I can see or touch. But if not that, at least I should learn something. Or read a novel so I can check it off the list. But amongst this, I always underestimate the power of observation. I inevitably classify observation as aimlessly staring out the window and zoning out. That is definitely something I know I am against; spending an hour or more in traffic, listlessly staring out the window, completely letting go of all the opportunities that an hour of life presents.

But, what about the people I know, who I respect, who speak words of wisdom, and who think and come up with theories and who don’t engage in small talk, but who don’t necessarily employ themselves in constantly being productive? Perhaps for them, looking out the window during traffic would be the preferred pastime. That’s when I suddenly realized that the act of just looking out the window, but not ending at just blindly looking, paradoxical as it sounds, is something useful in itself. Observing, seeing what is actually going on, provides an opportunity to learn more about human behavior. It is a window to glimpse into other lives, to see the world pulsing with activity, and to witness people interacting with the atoms and molecules that make up the different aspects of the universe.

observe new things. see new sights. watch interesting interactions. witness emotions.

That is what observing, and appreciating the little things means, in a sense.

Bonus… it is not completely ‘unproductive’, even in that tangible sense. You may see something you want to photograph or perhaps get inspired for a video, or a blog post.


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