Moving Around: the lag in the soul

The bundle of insanity that is prominent in this time period that is technology is one to be awed at. We can communicate. We can talk to people across the globe instantly. See what flavor coffee they are drinking. Watch the sunrise with them. We can travel. We can move from country to county in as less as one hour. We can travel across oceans in a couple hours.

But with so much speed, sometimes our bodies can’t catch up. And  I’m not talking just about jet lag.

What about the lifestyle, emotions, feelings, and sensations that you relate to in one place? Those suddenly have to change when you reach another. No matter how prepared you are mentally, you will feel different in a different place.
And sometimes that is difficult.

Oddly enough, I thought I was used to that. I had to keep traveling back home to India twice a year for vacations, and then back to Budapest for the rest. So I was accustomed to the change in all those feelings and sensations. But perhaps it was because I was with family in Budapest, traveling with family to India, and staying with family there. The people were constant. It wasn’t as difficult.


Right now, after two years of college, coming back in the third is difficult. I can manage, of course. I can be happy. I can do everything, be fruitful, and have a successful year which I am proud of.


But somehow, I can’t feel me. This summer, I spent most of my hours alone. I was stuck in my thoughts. I did what I want to, not in the sense that I had the freedom to travel or explore or go where I want, but at home, I did what I want. I spent a lot of time with myself. And I think I got closer to discovering who I am. I read, I wrote, I took pictures, I sipped tea, and I thought. I felt the rain on my face, saw peacocks, befriended a kitten, explored roofs. I sketched, I painted, I created, I contemplated.

And here I am, back in college. This morning I sat down to write, to continue a post I had started. I sat at my desk with tea, just like I used to sit in Delhi in the morning. However, I felt anxiety running through me, and I couldn’t write. I couldn’t relax, calm down, and let out my thoughts. It was a weird sensation.


And then I decided to deal with what I am feeling, and began writing it here. This helped. I was interrupted with people, but what I have to remember is that it is ok to be interrupted. Even in Delhi I was interrupted. And at the end of the day, what’s life if there is no spontaneity and only routine? There won’t be any change, nor any progress.

It is important to get your head into what you are doing. Remember who you are, and what you have to do right now. Be present and be mindful. Clear your head. Allocate time for friends. Allow time for things you want to pursue. And give time to things that just need to get done. The key is balancing. And being in control of time. Don’t let time just tick in the background. But, allow flexibility for the unexpected. Who knows, it may just be a bite of chocolate sauce in the middle of the brownie.

Let’s just hope I am able to heed my own advice.


2 thoughts on “Moving Around: the lag in the soul

  1. I have also experienced the same feeling! I actually have been feeling the same way… It’s encouraging to know that I’m not the only one.
    Great writing! I’m excited to read more 🙂


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