Back to the Basics

Back to the basics


I’ve been so caught up lately. I can’t stop and enjoy it.

In college, there is always something on my to-do list. Hence in my free time, I stress. And the small wonderful things start losing their charm. The sun, coffee in bed, tea, good music, it all becomes part of my required ‘chill’ time.

And when things don’t go according to my planned chill time, I get annoyed. I’ve mentally visualized my time that if anything or anyone disturbs it, it unsettles me. And from that moment, it goes from a pleasurable thing, to an unpleasant one.


Finally, this morning, I woke, and I decided there is no point waiting for external things to let me down. I am going to make the most of my situation (which is staying in a fancy hotel with my sister. The problem, though, is that her friends are over and they are all fast asleep. But I woke up and I want to take this opportunity to make my morning a little happy.

So here I am. Cinnamon latte, folk tunes in my ears, laptop and sketchbook with me. Back to the basics of summer. How I used to retreat to a café so often to sip on some form of caffeine and sit with my thoughts or sketch. And how I used to be content. I would listen to the music playing in my ear and just that would lift my spirits and spark a positivity in my blood vessels. So why not now? Back to the basics.


And if the rest of the day doesn’t go my way, or even my time right now gets interrupted, it is ok. After all, it is just a small thing, having coffee with myself. It is a paradox. We should slow down to enjoy these small acts that can make us happy. Joy is found in paying attention to the small moments. Yet, we shouldn’t forget that at the end of the day, it is a small thing. And if it is disturbed, we can’t let us affect it negatively.


And where can you start? Look at the shadows the sun makes. Listen to music on headphones. Stretch. Take a deep breathe. And the rest? That’s up to you.


–Ironically, as I post this, Youtube decided to play a song called “Let’s be still.” Thing’s just fall into place, don’t they?


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