About Me


Who am I?

At the center of it, I am just a girl with many thoughts.

I dream of traveling, changing the world, and living a life that isn’t the same everyday.

I love writing, dancing, fashion, acting, photography, design, sketching, and painting… basically almost any form of creative expression. Also, quite passionate about fixing some of the wrongs in the world. Needless to say, I am a very expressive talker, and have been taunted of having animated conversations in class on more accounts than one. Oh, also – I can be perfectly content sitting alone in a cafe with my weapons against the world: a book, a pencil, and a cuppa frothy hazelnut cappuccino. Or cardamom chai in the rain…

(Also, all images on this blog are taken by me… in case you were wondering)

What about you? What do you love, what do you daydream about, what does your ideal day look like? Tell me 🙂