It might have been better if there

was rage to savor.

But this hellish hush

Stifles me.

My breath is a convict,

Each exhale trespassing

In the silent surrounding.


It might have been better if there

was pain to endure.

But here,

In this solitude,

All is empty

As I lie in desolation,

Awaiting nothing,

Coming from everything.



Where magic meets

And passion develops

The fireflies in my body

Can light up

And no one will ask

No words

No questions

No sweet talks

No contempt


The silence glistening

On each molecule of the atmosphere


I breathe in

And watch the exhaled air

Glowing, as it slowly mingles

To dance with the glistening silence.

I shine

In this penetralia.


Rages through my blood;
The cells in my body
Slowly smolder,
Silently screaming.
I embrace the heat
And eye my prey
who I will destroy.
I already see the ashes
He will soon be.
Energy pulses through
The vines of my veins,
Briskly burning its way
To the tips of my fingers.
I want to scream,
But I can’t breathe.
I want to run,
But I can’t move.
This intensity
has turned on me.
I am burning.
The ashes I see,
Are parts of me,
As I burn with rage.