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One step at a time

you may have noticed i haven’t written much.

well, im getting ahead of myself here. that is, if any of you follow this blog :p

if you do, im flattered.

and as you can tell, i am not going anywhere with this.

but the point is, at least i am writing. it’s taken me a lot of effort to open my laptop and click on a new draft. and i don’t have some deep thought to share. all i have is an average girl’s average day.

This morning, I finally awoke to my alarms, and as a result had some breathing time before classes. So I took my tea outside, sipping it while watching the morning sun rise above the campus boundary wall, slowly transforming from an orange glow to a yellow, round form. It was a peaceful start to the day.

good morning
Good morning

Time passed, as it always does, turning the day into a slightly hectic, annoying list of things to do and teachers to talk to and end-of-the-semester assignments to take care of. by time I finished it all, of course i needed my afternoon tea. but that wasn’t enough for the writer in me. it needed some more warmth in a cup to hold on to. so i headed to the newly-opened coffeeshop nearby for some of that lovely peace you get in a cozy cafe, with the quiet murmur of people all minding their own business, together.

that was a good decision.

Desert fire


Want to join?
Wanna join?

looks cozy, right?

today was just a day i had to take step by step. Sometimes it is necessary not to think of the past, not to think of the future, and just focus on the moment. And by past and future, i mean literally, five minutes before and five minutes after. I know that today, I can’t. I just want to sit and enjoy my foamy cappucino. it doesnt matter if i just had tea and a muffin half an hour ago.

so here is my deep thought of the day (they always come out in the end, don’t they? :P)

forget about your obligations and your responsibilities, and the logical thing to do. Forget that it is mealtime or study time or sleep time according to the world. Just do what you want, right now. Just take it one step at a time. Not one day, not one hour, not one 5-minutes, but just one step at a time.

and i am glad i got down to writing, as well. it lets out some of the steam, even if it isnt perfect or beautiful or fantastically intelligent. any fellow writers empathize?