I want to travel. I don’t want to stay in fancy hotels. I don’t want to spend my time in hotel pools, or tanning on private beaches, or sleeping in comfy hotel beds (though, we can all admit, those are the most comfortable and softest beds you can look for).
I want to breathe the air, burn in the sun, smell the crowded streets, taste spiced crawly-things, step in the mud, and meet strangers. I want to sit by bonfires to warm up, hear people’s life stories, try a new dish every day, and experience the world. I want to fall, break, cry, laugh, jump, and dance, but in a new city every day.

For me, that is living.

These are a few sites that seem to hold promise, and hopefully I will get to refer to them a lot in the near future. So if you need some help too, check them out. (Btw, this is just a start. I am going to keep updating this page with more information and am going to organize it in a much better fashion, as I myself learn more. It’ll be a travel planning notebook for me, and you are welcome to peek :P).




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